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Bergmann, Alexandra Thais Caos litigioso: “Celestina” y la épica 2007 Libro Épica; Parodia; Crítica social My dissertation focuses on socio-literary aspects of Fernando de Rojas' Celestina and its recycling of themes associated with both the ancient and contemporary epic. Important literary/cultural critics such as Mikhail Bakhtin and Georges Lukacs coincide in presenting epic as one dimensional, moralizing and subject to rigid formal rules. Nevertheless, a very different picture of this literary genre emerges from a careful analysis both of epic works and of other texts influenced by it. The first chapter of the dissertation locates Celestina within the general atmosphere of the time (around 1500), and explores important concepts and approaches used to analyze this work in the past as well as our own. Each of the following chapters focuses on one of the three main characters (Calisto, Melibea and Celestina), concentrating on basic epic concepts such as war, heroes, weapons and enemies. My contention is that Fernando de Rojas parodies many of the stereotypical characteristics of the protagonists of the epic of his time in the figures of Calisto and Melibea. At the same time, through the figure of the go-between Celestina, many of the conventions of her society are challenged, even while the assertion of new values based on her own subjectivity creates new and no less disturbing problems. In Celestina epic becomes a mixture of the old and the new, a way to think critically about past and present and about the uneasy relationship between the two.