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Autor (up) Fernández-Rivera, Enrique url  openurl
  Título La picaresca y la celestinesca en las pantallas españolas de los sesenta a los ochenta Tipo Artículo
  Año 2018 Revista eHumanista ID Snow  
  Número 38 Fascículo Páginas 873-889  
  Palabras clave Adaptación; Adaptación cinematográfica; Cine  
  Resumen Between the mid-sixties and the mid-eighties of the 20thcentury, texts of the picaresque and the celestinesca were adapted to the Spanish screen. Before, they had rarely been adapted and after these years the adaptations of these texts practically ceased. These adaptations show many traces of the period in which they were produced, a period of fast/paced social modernization and transition from a dictatorial to a democratic regime. Francoism, which considered the screens as a pedagogical tool, could not completely ignore such canonical texts, even if they presented a vision of the past that

did not match its propagandistic image of a glorious national past. Therefore, the regime resorted to produce sanitized adaptations for television of these texts, with the voice of an erudite expert directing the interpretation and obviating the most offensive references to sex, social critique and irreligiosity.Towards the end of Francoism but especially in the first years of the transition to democracy, new adaptations were produced in which these until-then suppressed elements were timidly incorporated. Sexuality was now the aspect most emphasized, making of many of these adaptations signposts in the political use of eroticism during what is called the Destape period. Beginning in the mid-eighties, no more adaptations of these texts were produced due to changes in audience taste and to how more recent periods of Spanish history became open to debate, providing new scenarios for the screens.
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  ISSN ISBN Medio  
  Área Expedición Conferencia  
  Notas Aprobado no  
  Insertado por Uni-Trier @ amaranta_sg @ ID único 3333  
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