Subject: CYBERIA

Dear Mediberians, The new temporary list, CYBERIA, is now up and running. To sign on send a message to:


Leave the subject line blank and write the following message on the first line:

SUB CYBERIA "your name"

CYBERIA has been created to house discussion leading to the creation of a new electronic journal on hispanomedieval topics. I strongly urge all interested to sign on and participate. We will need the expertise, experience, and ideas from many people to get the new journal started.

Many questions will need to be answered. Many problems will need to be solved.

After subscribing you should receive a message from the listserv with instructions on how to unsubscribe and how to set other options if you so desire. I would like to hold off until Wed. before we start formal discussion in order to give all interested time to subscribe.

Upon subscribing you will notice that the full name of the list is "Medival Electronic Journal." To facilitate the creation of the list, I made the request over the phone. Apparently the list creator at Emory, Burt Brunner, left a small typo in the title (Midival). I'll try to get this corrected. I appreciate greatly Burt's willingness to set up the list so quickly.

I look forward to hearing from you on Cyberia


Michael Solomon

Emory University

Atlanta GA