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Autor (up) Germeten, Nicole von url  openurl
  Título From Whores to Prostitutes Tipo Capítulo de libro
  Año 2018 Revista Profit and Passion: Transactional Sex in Colonial Mexico ID Snow  
  Número Fascículo Páginas 36-49  
  Palabras clave Prostitución; Contexto socio-histórico  
  Resumen This chapter begins with quotations from the Renaissance Spanish work of literature entitled The Tragicomedy of Calisto and Melibea, popularly known as La Celestina. This chapter is about the new terminology for (and thus status of) public women, sometimes known as whores. During the seventeenth century a significant shift took place in the conceptual history of transactional sex in the Iberian world, a movement towards the creation of the diseased, criminalized and/or victimized prostitute, who, by the early eighteenth century, began to fill the shoes of the still- working sinful and immoral whore. In this chapter, investigations of three Mexico City procuresses document both their traditional association with sorcery and the highly domestic and distinctly African and indigenous culture of seventeenth-century transactional sex. In this era, the crown forbade brothels, but this mandate was an empty rhetorical gesture with no practical application within the criminal justice system.  
  Autor corporativo Tesis  
  Editorial University of California Press Lugar de edición Oakland Editor  
  Idioma Idioma del resumen Título original  
  Editor de la colección Título de la colección Título abreviado de la colección  
  Volumen de la colección Fascículo de la colección Edición  
  ISSN ISBN Medio  
  Área Expedición Conferencia  
  Notas Aprobado no  
  Insertado por Uni-Trier @ amaranta_sg @ ID único 3319  
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